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NEWPIP supports babies and their parents from conception to 2 years, who are experiencing difficulties which may affect the quality of their relationship. 

Our specialist Parent Infant service is underpinned by Psychodynamic Parent Infant Psychotherapy and the Solihull Approach.

Looking after a baby can feel challenging and at times stressful. If parents are experiencing additional difficulties it might​ be hard to cope. NEWPIP can:

  • Support parents' relationships with their baby​ 
  • Enable parents to explore​ their worries about their baby​ 
  • Think together with parents about how past experiences​ might be affecting them now​ 
  • Provide parents with information on child development​ 
  • Help parents see the world through their baby's eyes
  • Support parents with any other issues​ affecting them and their baby 


Families and parenting

Every family is different but most will experience challenges and difficulties at some point. When these become overwhelming we are here to help.

Our Services include WHOOPS (Home Safety),  Families are Stronger Together (Domestic Abuse Course), Today’s Teens, Tomorrows Teens, Safeguarding Futures, Caring Dads, Preparing for Baby, Baby’s Here, Crisis Intervention, Targeted Family Support (in Sunderland, Newcastle and Gateshead) and the Newcastle Volunteers Programme.

To make a referral to our CRISIS INTERVENTION OR TARGETED FAMILY SUPPORT (in Sunderland, Gateshead or Newcastle) service please complete our online referral Form

To Make a referral to WHOOPS (Home Safety), Families are Stronger Together (Domestic Abuse Course), Today’s Teens, Tomorrows Teens, Safeguarding Futures, Caring Dads, Preparing for Baby, Baby’s Here:




Young Peoples Services

Youth Link services are currently running in Newcastle and South East Northumberland

Please be aware that until further notice mentoring sessions will be carried out via Zoom Video Chat only.

Youth Link is the name for our young people’s peer mentoring service. Youth Link helps to improve communication and relationships between you (as long as you are aged 11 to 18 years old) and your family, help you make friends, strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.   online referral Form


Our One to One counselling service helps you (as long as you are aged 9 to 25 years old) with your mental health issues. Our friendly counsellors are expertly trained which means we can help you by using a variety of therapy techniques. Whatever the issues affecting your life we are here to help. This includes depression, anxiety, bullying, self-harming, loss and bereavement.

If you don’t want to come to our building then our counsellors can meet you wherever you feel safe and are currently available evenings and Saturday mornings too.

If you are a professional making a referral for a young person aged between 9-18 please contact the SPA (single point of access) in the first instance on 0303 123 1147

For all other referrals please complete our online referral Form

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